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  • Superga x ALEXACHUNG

    16th March 2018

    Alexa Chung is back!

    Seven years after her debut as our ambassador, the multi-talented style icon has designed an exciting collection for Superga in collaboration with her fashion line, ALEXACHUNG. 

    In 2017 Alexa Chung launched her eponymous label, following several successful collaborations, campaigns and musings for some of the worlds most recognisable brands, including her first campaign with Superga in 2011. At the heart of ALEXACHUNG the vision was: to create clothes that people want to wear, featuring her popular sartorial style choices, combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, all the clothes and accessories of the brand reflect her eclectic personality.
     ALEXACHUNG x Superga
    Alexa Chung’s collaboration with Superga began in 2011, when she was the brand’s Ambassador; and since Alexa’s love for Superga never died she has returned to design her own footwear collection with Superga for Spring Summer 2018. The campaign was shot in Los Angeles, capturing Superga’s essence and character with Alexa’s acclaimed touch.

    Alexa has reinterpreted the classic Superga silhouette (2750, mid cut and mule) with different textures and colours. She created shoes that people want to wear, combining distinctive fabrics; varnish, satin, cotton and terry towel and feminine tones including off white, burgundy and sky blue. The result is a combination of classy and rock‘n’roll, where ALEXACHUNG signature interacts with timeless Superga styles.

    "My mother wore Superga’s when I was growing up so for me they’ve always been a classic shoe and something I have incorporated into my daily wardrobe for years now. It has been wonderful to return to this brand as a designer working on a collaboration for this season because in the past Superga were one of the first companies to let me art direct a campaign for them. It feels a lot like coming home.” - Alexa Chung

    ALEXACHUNG x Superga

    We caught up with Alexa to talk all about the upcoming collection:

    You were the face of Superga 6 years ago: along with starring in the campaign you also art directed the shoot and video. What brought you back to work with the brand for SS18 not only as the Face of but also designing a capsule collection?

    I think Superga was one of the first brands to allow me to art direct my own shoot so I will always be grateful for that vote of confidence from them. Superga is a brand I’ve long admired, worn and been fond of so the chance to work with such a collaborative and creatively free company again was something I welcomed.

    How important is it to you to be involved in the design process?

    I think when you put your name to something it’s important to imbue it with your point of view and vision and that’s difficult to do if you’re not directly involved. People can emulate your essence and predict what you might like but it’s never as authentic as when it’s actually you doing it. This collaboration though is with ALEXACHUNG brand not just me as a person so there was team work involved.

    Talk us through your inspiration behind the capsule collection? How does the collection emulate the ALEXACHUNG woman?

    I’m someone who has always gravitated towards the classics and it’s one of the reasons I was first interested in Superga because my mother wore them and so for me they seemed evergreen. For this collection I wanted to celebrate the Superga originals that I wear the most but decided to make them off white with a little toe cap added to make them fresh and luxe without compromising the elements that make them Supergas. Aside from that I wanted the shoes to be playful and irreverent so we have made some in terry towelling we have backless slip-ons and cool satin high tops in sherbet colours.

    How did you adapt your aesthetics together with Superga?

    We worked on making the high top higher. I didn’t really adapt my aesthetics I think I brought that viewpoint and personal taste to the table and adapted their shoes so that we reached a dream scenario for both sides. Taking something established and mixing it with something new and creating basically something I want to wear every day.

    Why do you think Superga and the ALEXACHUNG brand are such a great fit?

    We have great soles. It’s a punnnn! No ummm I think because there’s actual mutual love there.

    You showed appreciation towards Superga mid shape, designing your own ones: how do you like to style it?

    With jeans which sounds snoozy but looks great. I think they’d look great with cropped trousers too or maybe a miniskirt. Something that accentuates the play on proportion.

    And what about the designs from the ALEXACHUNG SS18 collection in general? How would you style them?

    Personally I wear mine with dungarees or jeans and a denim jacket - full denim look but I guess part of the journey is allowing them to live outside of your vision so I’m excited to see how other people incorporate them into their own personal style.

    What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

    I love the mid top off white Supergas we made because they’re legitimately my dream trainers come true. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in design is to show restraint and confidence in more muted things and these I think are beautiful because they’re so classic and minimal.

    If you had to describe your collection with a song, album or music genre, what would it be?

    Eeepppp I don’t knowwwww. Can’t touch this by MC Hammer just popped into my head but that’s really a weird choice I guess this collection would sound like The Beatles. Instant classics. Is that really up myself? Soz.

    What are your favourite Supergas of all time?

    I’ve probably already answered this above but I like just classic white ones with white tube socks and jeans. Classy and cool.

    And, beside the iconic white Superga, what are the ones that everyone should have?

    My blue satin high tops I think. They’re great looking at them makes me happy.

    You’ve just accomplished the dream of creating your own brand: what role do accessories, and shoes in particular, play in your creative process?

    It’s all part of one big pie so I suppose shoes would be the base layer or topping because I tend to use them in terms of styling at least as something to finesse an outfit. In terms of how the mechanics of actual design works we usually approach shoes after the clothes so that we can make sure the look ties in and the footwear offers a counterbalance to the dresses or silhouettes. For me shoes really help ground an outfit and I use them to make something look more unexpected.

    Could you tell us one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

    I spend most days answering questions about how things should be styled and most nights trying to figure out the answers. JKKKKK
    I’m actually very good at making soup.

    Shop the ALEXACHUNG x Superga Collection now!

    ALEXACHUNG x Superga

    With Alexa love never dies.


  • Bloggers LOVE Superga

    2nd February 2018

    In need of inspiration? Us to! 

    So we are looking back at some of our favourite Bloggers to see how they've been LOVING their new Supergas!


    First up is Manchester's finest, Megan Ellaby. The talented stylist shared her plans to shake her January blues while showing us an exciting new way to rock one of our best sellers from last season's Designer Series, the pink Superga x Charlotte Simone flatforms.

    Image Source: Megan Ellaby

    Image Source: Megan Ellaby -


    Also loving last season's Designer Series collection is Mr Luke Christian, showing us how he works our exclusive menswear Superga x Harvey Nichols shoes into his wardrobe while discussing his favourite 'winter essentials'.  

    Image Source: Luke Christian -

    Image Source: Luke Christian -


    Christina Miller of resides in one of the colder corners of the UK, and shows us how she copes during winter mornings. Christina's big secret? Her 2750 Cotu Classics in Full Black are ACTUALLY our 2750 Cobinu pair! You'll never know they're lined with fleece to help keep you warmer, until you're ready to rep your Classics.

    Image Source: Christina Miller -

    Image Source: Christina Miller -


    Atosa Nikkhah of fills us in on an absolute style staple, the humble white trainer, and shows us how she wears her favourites - the Lendl 4832 Efglu in White. Our Superga Sport collection, inspired by our legendary sporting heritage, has inspired some updated iterations of timeless styles and brought some exciting new colourways to our wardrobes too, so we never have to compromise comfort for style!

    Image Source: Atosa Nikkhah -

    Image Source: Atosa Nikkhah -

  • Your Sale Picks!

    10th January 2018

    We're taking a look at our Sale Best Sellers to see which past-season styles you've been loving at a pinch of the price!

    From fresh metallics and sophisticated menswear, to limited edition Designer styles and on-trend fashion pieces, you're sure to find something you'll LOVE in our Sale.

    But move fast and shop now before your size runs out!


    Our metallic styles add the perfect extra detail to every outfit, taking you from the office to the bar with ease.

    While some for an edgier look with our metallic coated Cotmetu collection in bright gold or a more subtle bronze,
    some Superga lovers are opting for a softer rose gold Lamé style, a fabric which features metallic thread woven through the fabric.

    Suede is a warming texture perfect for the colder months, and seem impossible to pass up this January at 50% off!
    For a more casual feel, our Lendl 4832 in black suede and gum sole will elevate every man's weekend wardrobe.

    Also feeling all the love is our peach suede pair designed by our face and feet of Superga in 2017, Pyper America Smith. 

    Not forgetting the little ones, our suede Kids styles are fleece lined to help keep them warmer as they head back to the playground.

    After being a best seller style season after season, it is time to say goodbye to the 2750 Spotted Fabric in Beige BlueAt 50% off, our timeless-yet-exciting style has flown out! Grab yourself a pair before these sell out for good.

    When these sweet beauties arrived in summer, we sold out by the end of the week! We managed to get our hands on a few more pairs of the Charlotte Simone flatform collection so you can now pick up a pair at a pinch of the price to make sure you are fashion forward, even on a budget.

    Still struggling to decide which pair are for you? Keep it simple! We have a big range of white styles, a subtle but exciting evolution from our number 1 selling 2750 Cotu Classic, for your to step into at 50% off, including our 2750 Corduroy style with chic rose gold eyelets.

  • Christmas Store Opening Times

    28th November 2017

    The most wonderful time of the year is nearly upon us!

    Check out our Superga store opening times below and make sure you dont miss out
    on making your Christmas Superga perfect.

    And don't forget, you can order online and have your shoes delivered
    to any of our Superga stores free of charge,
    so you can collect them at your own convenience.

    Click HERE or on the Superga shop names to find the address and more information,

    and click HERE for online order delivery information over the festive period.

    Happy Shopping!


    Superga Westfield London

    Monday - Saturday 10am - 10pm
    Sunday 12pm - 6pm
    Monday 18th December
    - Saturday 23rd December
    9am - 11pm
    Sunday 24th December 12pm - 6pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December 7am - 11pm
    Wednesday 27th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    9am - 11pm
    Sunday 31st December 12pm - 6pm


    Superga Bath

    Monday - Saturday 9.30am - 6pm
    Sunday 11am - 5pm
    Sunday 24th December 11am - 5pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    9:30am - 5:30pm
    Sunday 31st December 12pm - 5pm
    Monday 1st January CLOSED


    Superga Carnaby Street

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 7pm
    Thursday 10am - 8pm
    Sunday 12pm - 6pm
    Sunday 24th December 12pm - 6pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    10am - 8pm
    Sunday 31st December 12pm - 6pm
    Monday 1st January 11am - 7pm


    Superga Covent Garden

    Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday & Saturday 10am - 7pm
    Thursday 10am - 8pm
    Sunday 12am - 6pm 
    Sunday 24th December 12pm - 6pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    10am - 7pm
    Sunday 1st January 11am - 7pm


    Superga Guildford

    Monday - Saturday 9:30am - 6pm
    Sunday  11am - 5pm
    Sunday 24th December 11am - 5pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    9:30am - 5:30pm
    Sunday 31st December 11am - 5pm
    Monday 1st January 11am - 6pm


    Superga Notting Hill

    Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm 
    Sunday  10am - 6pm
    Sunday 24th December 10am - 5pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    10am - 7pm
    Sunday 31st December 10am - 5pm
    Monday 1st January 11am - 7pm


    Superga Spitalfields

     Monday - Saturday 10am - 7pm 
     Sunday  11am - 6pm
    Sunday 24th December 11am - 5pm
    Monday 25th December CLOSED
    Tuesday 26th December CLOSED
    Wednesday 27th December
    - Saturday 30th December
    10am - 7pm
    Sunday 31st December 11am - 5pm
    Monday 1st January CLOSED


    Please note that our Superga Camden shop has now closed, but we have more stores across London for you to visit.

  • Name A More Iconic Duo!

    25th September 2017


    Our brand new collection is here
    inspired by Walt Disney's most iconic duo,
    Mickey and Minnie Mouse.

    Minnie Mouse has been busy, attending her first ever New York Fashion Week.
    Refinery29 report Minnie visited Instagram HQ, Refinery 29's office, and popped by Milk Agency
    before heading to the Monse SS18 show, wearing custom Monse no less!

    Available in adult and kids sizes
    our brand new, limited edition collection features our classic cotton canvas
    and signature Superga tab
    with a Disney stamp of approval on the heel.

  • Harvey Nichols x Superga

    7th September 2017

    Unless you've been hiding under a rock, you are bound to have already seen our clean new collaboration with Harvey Nichols.

    The two heritage brands, have worked together to create a brand new menswear collection featuring two premium, classic 2750 styles.

    They have been loved by everyone, including GQ. Every week GQ pick their 12 best new menswear items in the world, and no surprise but our Harvey Nichols x Superga shoes have been selected in this week's round up.

    The collection features a premium nubuck leather, complete with eye-catching orange detailing and an exclusive collab logo printed on the sole.

    Choose your favourite, Biscuit or Lamb, and pick up a pair while our limited edition collection lasts.


































  • Superga x Charlotte Simone Launch Party

    17th August 2017

    Did you join us last night for the official Charlotte Simone x Superga Collaboration launch party?

    We, with the help of Charlotte Simone herself, held a party filled with fluff at our Carnaby store to celebrate the new collection, and a lot of big Superga fans joined us!

     Superga x Charlotte Simone party

    We had the amazing DJ Nikki Beats spinning some great music while the free bubbles were flowing! We has so much fun, we almost forgot we were supposed to be praising our gorgeous, fun new collection of Charlotte Simone Flatforms.

    Don't forget to tag us @Supergauk in photos from our unique Charlotte Simone x Superga photobooth, and all the shots you saved using our fantastic Snapchat filter!

    Superga x Charlotte Simone launch party

    The store was filled with lucky people trying to grab the Charlotte Simone shoes at an exclusive 20% discount before they sold out, and you guys must be LOVING the new collection as we have already nearly sold out of the limited edition styles online.

    The gorgeous Charlotte Beecham (the talented Brit behind the brand) and some of her fabulous fashion friends hung out and celebrated with us all evening, wearing her favourite pair for the collection - the Charlotte Simone mule.

    Superga x Charlotte Simone launch party

    Check out the collection now and get yourself one of these staple pairs before they sell out!

  • #SupergaAtLovebox

    18th July 2017

    We partied with some of our favourites at one Lovebox as they served up some pin-able festival style inspiration before dancing the weekend away to Chase & Status, Solange, Annie Mac, Frank Ocean and Sampha (to name just a few!).

    Pals Reece King and Benji Colson brought their own game to the fields of Victoria Park.

    Reece's grungey vibes saw him pairing sand workwear chinos with a pair of 2750 Cotu Classic in taupe - the perfect way to balance heavy grunge with lighter summer shades.

    Benji's wardobe choices see him dress a little more relaxed and a little more streetwear, but no less sharp. Black on white on black on white, Benji's denim jacket toughens up his white jersey sweatshirt while his black 2750 efglu leather Supergas toughen up his sportswear track pants.


    The girls schooled us in all the best ways to wear denim at a festival!

    Sarah Halpin, Joanna Halpin and Yuki Haze opted for relaxed, off-duty vibes, which helped prove the 2750 Cotu Classic really is a staple shoe in every colour on the spectrum, from classic white all the way round to total black!

    Superga at Lovebox


    Comparing Samuel Harwood and Ryan Barrett's looks to Benji and Reece proves that fashion trends still exist in menswear.

    Sam and Ryan paired their bomber jackets and clean cut jeans with two tennis inspired classics, the ever versatile Superga 2750 Cotu Classic in white, and the new Superga Sport Lendl in white, a sleek but comfortable choice for a day on your feet dancing in a field.

     Superga at Lovebox


    Superga at Lovebox

    This is a team too cool for "squad goals".

    Superga at Lovebox

  • The Royal Trendsetter isn't Kate!

    13th July 2017

    It looks like Kate Middleton is not the first Royal to fall in love with Superga, proving the royal-approved shoes really are timeless.

    The Daily Mail has discovered that the original trendsetter in the Royal Family was in fact the Duchess's mother-in-law, Princess Diana!

    The article reports that Diana was seen wearing a navy pair of 2750 Cotu Classics during her trip to Angola in 1997 then aged 36.

    Creating the ultimate nineties outfit, the Superga trainers were worn with a pair of stone wash jeans and a navy double breasted blazer with gold buttons.

    Fast-forward to 2017, and Kate hasn't been able to take her white 2750s off, wearing them during her trip to Canada, at a London Marathon event, and even in GQ Magazine.

    The Royal Seal of Approval truely does belong to Superga!

    source: Getty Images via the Daily Mail

  • The Shoe of the Summer

    20th June 2017

    Our Superga Rope Espadrilles are becoming the most talked about shoe of the summer, and we aren't surprised!

    The Telegraph recently mentioned our gorgeous 2750 Cotropew in their article '60 gorgeous pieces to buy now and wear all summer long'

    Refinery29 are also raving about our 2750s too, while also loving our Superga Espadrilles Flatform version in their article 'Introducing 'Summer '17's Most-Coveted Shoe: The Espadrilles'

    We have a huge selection of Espadrilles for you to choose from - whether you want to keep it simple in our 2750 Cotropew, take it to new heights in the 2790 Cotropew or stand out in our 2790 Linrbrropew!

    Officially enter Holiday Mode in our shoes of the summer!

  • Fathers Day Inspiration

    12th June 2017

    Struggling to think of what to get your Dad this Father’s Day?

    Have no fear! We have rounded up the best Father’s Day Superga shoes for you to get your hands (and feet) on.

    Whether he’s sporty, into his fashion or maybe he has only just become a dad and needs some spoiling - we will ensure that our gorgeous Superga shoes leave him smiling on Sunday!

    First up we have our staple pair - the 2750 Cotu Classic. Our timelessly shaped trainer is a lightweight, simple canvas tennis shoe with our vulcanised rubber sole, perfect for all occasions. Easy to style with anything, you best be prepared to see these a lot, because once your dad puts them on he won't want to ever take them off!

    Get the white 2750 Cotu Classic here

    The 2750 Classic with an easy-going twist, the 2750 Cot3Strap sees our famous trainer go laceless! For those days where he will want a quick solution, he can throw on the stylish and practical Cot3strap

    Get the 2750 Cot3Strap here

    Looking for a sportier alternative? The Superga 2750 Panatta will be the perfect shoe for him! Our Panatta trainers come from our Superga Sport collection. We teamed back up with Adriano Panatta to throw back to our 70s tennis heritage, re-releasing our 2750 Panatta trainers in a range of vintage colourways.

    Pick up the Superga Panatta here

    Or maybe he will prefer the Superga 2754 Cotu - our classic tennis shoes in a mid top cut. This versatile shoe can be worn with just about anything, whether you are rocking more of the casual jeans look or whether you are going big in a suit.

    Get the Superga 2754 Cotu here

    Another great Father's Day present is not just to buy him a pair of Superga shoes, but to buy a matching mini-me pair for your tiny trendsetters! We have some of our best selling styles available in both adult and kids sizes.

    Need more inspiration? Check out our Stars Wars Superga collection, where four of cinema's biggest icons joined forces with our iconic 2750 trainers, available in both adult and kids sizes.

    Join the dark side with your Dad in these collectable Stormtrooper Star Wars Superga trainers.

  • Get Ready for Summer!

    9th May 2017

    It may feel like it's taking its time, but summer is slowly on the way!

    Superga is currently filled to the brim with stunning new styles. From the colourful new additions to the Superga Sport collection to the eccentric Patternity collaboration, and let's not forget the recent addition to our much loved Superga metallics, the Violet Lilac Cotmetu.

    It can be difficult deciding which shoes are going to be your summer staples, so we have narrowed down a few of our favourite styles from our new Spring Summer collection to help.

    Starting with the bright and bold Liberty Fabric printed Superga 2750 collection, these floral prints are perfect to brighten up any outfit and will definitely grab you some attention. If your outfit is lacking and needs a little help, make these floral printed low top shoes your statement piece.

    The 2750 Cotu Classic is the ideal shoe to have on holiday, whether you are exploring your way through new city streets or simply moving from the sun lounger to the bar! Comfortable, breathable, in our strong cotton canvas, and with our signature vulcanised rubber sole - there is a reason the 2750 Cotu Classic has been our best selling shoe for over 100 years!

    Take your style poolside with one of our most talked about colours, brand new for the season - Orange Clay.

    Warm in colour yet soft in shade, Orange Clay is here to add an extra summery detail to your wardrobe without any hassle. Colour block with more statement shades, or go subtle and colour pop by matching it to your nail polish and lipstick.

    Our 2750 Cot3Straps are our most easy-going shoes yet! As well as hitting the menswear velcro trend, the natural shades of our cotton canvas allow these versatile trainers to work with pretty much everything in your wardrobe, making these the perfect shoe all summer long. 

    Available in NavyGrey Vapour and Military Green

    If you're looking to become a bohemian goddess this summer, our espadrilles are your ticket to style heaven. Espadrilles are in high demand this season, so we could not be more excited to put our Superga-twist to the iconic rope shoe!

    Step up your game in our 2790 Flatform Cotropew collection. Available in White, Navy or Black, the rope espadrille sole, 4cm platform and our classic shades will give every outfit that holiday day-to-night vibe that you have been searching for.

    When the sun comes out - put down the jewellery and instead reach for our metallic coated linen Flatforms. The rope espadrille sole will sync with your summertime vibes and the metallic shine will do all the work brightening up your look. Available in Rose, Grey Silver or Beige.

    Adding to our ever growing Superga espadrille collection, we have even given our Classic 2750 a rope-wrapped makeover!

    Embrace a true holiday spirit wherever you are in our 2750 Cotropeu shoes. From works-with-everything White to under-the-sea Green Aqua, your favourite summer dress will thank you.

    We are a firm believer that shoes are the key element to make an outfit, but you need the perfect accessory for all your festivals, vacations and weekend trips! As our classic Superga 2750 Cotmetu metallic shoe is one of our Superga favourites, and a staple in our wardrobes, we have given our 2750 rucksacks the Cotmetu treatment.

    Shine in the sun with the 2750 Rucksack in Silver or Rose Gold, and why not match it all up with one of our metallic Superga shoes.

    When the sun is shining hot and you've got big plans, you'll know comfort is key when picking your outfit of the day. Forget the heels (the ones you're going to kick off under the table anyway!) and pick up a pair of 2790 Flatform trainers instead.

    To our much loved classic tennis shoe shape, we have added a 4cm chunky sole in our signature vulcanised rubber, giving you a little extra height. Our Linea Up Down collection features our classic cotton canvas - looking at you, Grey Seashell - but this season, for those office days while you dream of the beach, we have brought you a sophisticated suede. Give our on-trend Nude shade a try.

  • Kate Middleton's Favourite Shoes

    25th April 2017

    We've seen a lot of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge this week and we've also seen the return of Kate Middleton's wardrobe staple - her white 2750 Cotu Classic Superga sneakers!

    She was first spotted in her favourite summer shoes on the royal tour of Canada last year, and now she has been seen wearing them this week to cheer on the marathon runners, as well as for a pre-race reception last Wednesday.

    We agree with the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion choices for the marathon, cheering from the sidelines definitely requires comfy shoes and clothing!

    Check out the Popsugar article which talks all about Kate's wardrobe staple.

    And don't forget to get yourself a pair of the shoes everyone is talking about! 

    Source - Popsugar

    Source - The Mirror