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16th March 2018

Alexa Chung is back!

Seven years after her debut as our ambassador, the multi-talented style icon has designed an exciting collection for Superga in collaboration with her fashion line, ALEXACHUNG. 

In 2017 Alexa Chung launched her eponymous label, following several successful collaborations, campaigns and musings for some of the worlds most recognisable brands, including her first campaign with Superga in 2011. At the heart of ALEXACHUNG the vision was: to create clothes that people want to wear, featuring her popular sartorial style choices, combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, all the clothes and accessories of the brand reflect her eclectic personality.
Alexa Chung’s collaboration with Superga began in 2011, when she was the brand’s Ambassador; and since Alexa’s love for Superga never died she has returned to design her own footwear collection with Superga for Spring Summer 2018. The campaign was shot in Los Angeles, capturing Superga’s essence and character with Alexa’s acclaimed touch.

Alexa has reinterpreted the classic Superga silhouette (2750, mid cut and mule) with different textures and colours. She created shoes that people want to wear, combining distinctive fabrics; varnish, satin, cotton and terry towel and feminine tones including off white, burgundy and sky blue. The result is a combination of classy and rock‘n’roll, where ALEXACHUNG signature interacts with timeless Superga styles.

"My mother wore Superga’s when I was growing up so for me they’ve always been a classic shoe and something I have incorporated into my daily wardrobe for years now. It has been wonderful to return to this brand as a designer working on a collaboration for this season because in the past Superga were one of the first companies to let me art direct a campaign for them. It feels a lot like coming home.” - Alexa Chung


We caught up with Alexa to talk all about the upcoming collection:

You were the face of Superga 6 years ago: along with starring in the campaign you also art directed the shoot and video. What brought you back to work with the brand for SS18 not only as the Face of but also designing a capsule collection?

I think Superga was one of the first brands to allow me to art direct my own shoot so I will always be grateful for that vote of confidence from them. Superga is a brand I’ve long admired, worn and been fond of so the chance to work with such a collaborative and creatively free company again was something I welcomed.

How important is it to you to be involved in the design process?

I think when you put your name to something it’s important to imbue it with your point of view and vision and that’s difficult to do if you’re not directly involved. People can emulate your essence and predict what you might like but it’s never as authentic as when it’s actually you doing it. This collaboration though is with ALEXACHUNG brand not just me as a person so there was team work involved.

Talk us through your inspiration behind the capsule collection? How does the collection emulate the ALEXACHUNG woman?

I’m someone who has always gravitated towards the classics and it’s one of the reasons I was first interested in Superga because my mother wore them and so for me they seemed evergreen. For this collection I wanted to celebrate the Superga originals that I wear the most but decided to make them off white with a little toe cap added to make them fresh and luxe without compromising the elements that make them Supergas. Aside from that I wanted the shoes to be playful and irreverent so we have made some in terry towelling we have backless slip-ons and cool satin high tops in sherbet colours.

How did you adapt your aesthetics together with Superga?

We worked on making the high top higher. I didn’t really adapt my aesthetics I think I brought that viewpoint and personal taste to the table and adapted their shoes so that we reached a dream scenario for both sides. Taking something established and mixing it with something new and creating basically something I want to wear every day.

Why do you think Superga and the ALEXACHUNG brand are such a great fit?

We have great soles. It’s a punnnn! No ummm I think because there’s actual mutual love there.

You showed appreciation towards Superga mid shape, designing your own ones: how do you like to style it?

With jeans which sounds snoozy but looks great. I think they’d look great with cropped trousers too or maybe a miniskirt. Something that accentuates the play on proportion.

And what about the designs from the ALEXACHUNG SS18 collection in general? How would you style them?

Personally I wear mine with dungarees or jeans and a denim jacket - full denim look but I guess part of the journey is allowing them to live outside of your vision so I’m excited to see how other people incorporate them into their own personal style.

What is your favourite piece from the collection and why?

I love the mid top off white Supergas we made because they’re legitimately my dream trainers come true. Sometimes the hardest thing to do in design is to show restraint and confidence in more muted things and these I think are beautiful because they’re so classic and minimal.

If you had to describe your collection with a song, album or music genre, what would it be?

Eeepppp I don’t knowwwww. Can’t touch this by MC Hammer just popped into my head but that’s really a weird choice I guess this collection would sound like The Beatles. Instant classics. Is that really up myself? Soz.

What are your favourite Supergas of all time?

I’ve probably already answered this above but I like just classic white ones with white tube socks and jeans. Classy and cool.

And, beside the iconic white Superga, what are the ones that everyone should have?

My blue satin high tops I think. They’re great looking at them makes me happy.

You’ve just accomplished the dream of creating your own brand: what role do accessories, and shoes in particular, play in your creative process?

It’s all part of one big pie so I suppose shoes would be the base layer or topping because I tend to use them in terms of styling at least as something to finesse an outfit. In terms of how the mechanics of actual design works we usually approach shoes after the clothes so that we can make sure the look ties in and the footwear offers a counterbalance to the dresses or silhouettes. For me shoes really help ground an outfit and I use them to make something look more unexpected.

Could you tell us one thing that most people wouldn’t know about you?

I spend most days answering questions about how things should be styled and most nights trying to figure out the answers. JKKKKK
I’m actually very good at making soup.

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With Alexa love never dies.