Tina Kunakey x Superga




For Spring/Summer 2023, Superga celebrates the brand’s history through a reinterpretation of classics and contemporary styles that express the infectious energy and carefree vibes of the season. Introducing Tina Kunakey as the face of the Spring/Summer 2023 campaign, the celebrated ambassador is the perfect partner to showcase the brand’s effortless and chic style.

The new campaign brings together the timeless style that Superga has become synonymous with and modern details that highlight the continual evolution of the brand’s iconic silhouettes and materials. Youthful and vibrant, Tina’s unique style born of a combination of Gen-Z trends and avant-garde glamour is the perfect way to depict the brand’s core design ethos.



  Discover the new Spring/Summer 2023 collection of iconic Superga styles (4089, 2631, 3041, 2750, 2730). 






 Continuing Superga’s responsible approach to design, each collection thoughtfully expands the sustainability-focused line with a focus on developing better materials that reinforce the brand’s commitment to ethical practices.

Rounded out with the classic 2750, the brand’s most iconic sneaker, the design is forever finding new life as an authentic wardrobe staple. The Classic Cotus remain a wardrobe staple around the world and the sports shoes developed by Superga have influenced countless footwear brands, both for style and sport. Kunakey breathes new life into the style in a casual yet elevated look that exudes quintessential French- girl style.


“Superga is a timeless and chic brand with a wide selection that is very accessible to everyone. The 2750 goes with everything: I wear it with jeans and a pretty simple t-shirt as I dress in everyday life, but it also pairs very well with a suit or a dress or shorts. I think they’re the perfect sneaker to wear dressed up or dressed down.”




Mastering the balance between simple yet sophisticated styling, the campaign spotlights the Superga’s with Kunakey dressing them up and down for versatile everyday wear.

  Styles featured (4089, 2631, 3041, 2750, 2730).