Superga and ALEXACHUNG together again!

21st September 2018

Superga and Alexa go way back. We first got to know the style-icon Alexa when she became our brand Ambassador in 2011. Since then our relationship has blossomed as she has returned to design her second collection of footwear with Superga for Fall Winter 2018.

Last year Alexa Chung launched her eponymous label, following several successful collaborations, campaigns and musings for some of the worlds most recognisable brands. At the heart of ALEXACHUNG the vision was: to create clothes that people want to wear, featuring her popular sartorial style choices, combining Parisian chic with a New York edge, all the clothes and accessories of the brand reflect her eclectic personality.




Superga x ALEXACHUNG Fall Winter 2018 collection focuses on an elegant overall thickness: new shapes that recall bowling shoes, warmer fabrics like suede and velvet, chunky soles. The Alpina lug-sole is a reboot of a historical model that has its heritage in the Superga sports’ training styles. ALEXACHUNG has worked a lot on this sole because of its contemporary streetwear appeal that suits both booties and sneakers.

To work with Superga was an amazing experience! Now, for the second time, I’m launching my collection. I really enjoyed creating for the brand and adding a piece of myself into the designs. I hope that everyone loves them as much as I enjoyed making them.”



What do you want to communicate through the new capsule collection with Superga you did not do with the previous one?
I think the first collection was about establishing a world between my brand and Superga that had its own visual language and in that sense I wanted it to be a celebration of the classic, the everyday, the idea that subtlety and nuance was ultimately timeless. With this second collection we take a walk on the wild side and become more playful and subversive. You have to learn the rules before you can break them.

What does the new Fall/Winter 2018 collection offer in terms of shapes and fabrics?

The shapes are really dynamic. For example we paired an iconic Superga hiking sole that was used as an official military shoe with luxe velvet. And really too the backless slide on shoes from collection one to a different place by introducing a buckle sort of Mary Jane situation is high shine burgundy.

How does your brand keep harmoniously working with Superga?

I think a mutual respect is key. I respect their heritage and iconic status and they welcome our fresh ideas and twists and turns. They’re very open to new things which is good and helpful because a balance between the everyday and the one-of-a-kind is something try and express in the clothes we make at ALEXACHUNG.

How would you style your new Superga x ALEXACHUNG sneakers and, in particular, the Alpina lug-sole which you seem to appreciate?
I might sound like a broken record by now but I really think you can’t go wrong with denim. It’s ubiquitous because it goes with everything.

In spring-summer there were the Plain Jane and the light-blue satiny 2750.

Bold sneakers seem to be a staple in women’s wardrobe nowadays. How do you feel about combining classic, timeless outfits and audacious trends?
I think trends seep into my style subconsciously but I’ve never been the kind of person who pays too much attention to what we should be wearing at any given time to seem “cool”. I think if you just follow your instinct and interests it’s way more interesting and sometimes that instinct leads you to being bang on trend because a collective rebellion against the thing that came before it is natural.

What are your next goals with ALEXACHUNG the brand?

To continue to cement the idea that we are a reliable source for unique but evergreen fashion. I read a comment the other day on Instagram in which a woman wrote about how she bought a skirt from us thinking it was a special item for sometimes and has worn it daily because it goes with everything. 


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