WATCH Alexa Chung Bring Her Brit Charm To Superga!

21st April 2011

One of the many, many brill things about being Alexa Chung is a gazillion hipster types are gagging to sign her up as their style muse. And the latest label to recruit her cool credentials? Italian sportswear brand Superga.

For the uninitiated among us, Superga began in 1911 and ever since, their iconic plimsolls have ranged from 1950′s retro chic to preppy pumps. So why choose La Chung? Because, dear readers, the brand are celebrating their 100th anniversary by reaching a wider UK audience, and who better to lend her hand (and feet) than self-confessed Superga fan and our favourite English Rose? Well, exactly. What’s more, the ad was photographed in the picturesque Petersham Nurseries in Richmond, Surrey to capture that quirky Brit cool, and the endlessly talented Alexa used her fashwan know-how to assist with the styling.

‘We are really excited to have Alexa be part of our story,’ said a Superga spokesperson. ‘She is one of the most influential style icons of our time...her effortless style and personality suits our collection and brand so well.’ As we can see for ourselves! Working a pair of can’t-live-without denim cut-offs with a stripy beany, adorable vintage-style frocks, delightfully quirky wellies and, of course, Superga’s canvas tennis shoe, Alexa oozes her signature casual chic in the international campaign. Click play here to see her in full action glory – is it any wonder us fashion folk love her so?

‘[Superga footwear is] the best for beachside fun but also ace with skinny black jeans,’ Chungers said. ‘My fave are the pale pink ones.’ And hip hooray that now we can get our hands on them! Oh yes, Superga’s new collection has just landed on this site with prices starting at a budget-friendly £40. We’ll take a pair in every colour please.