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Crep Protect Spray - Canvas and Suede Shoe Weather Protection


It is defenitelly worth looking after your favourite shoes by using the best products you ensure durability and the best way to preserve the original look that got your atention in the first place to a particular shoe. worried about the weather? Then check out Crep Protect Spray from Superga.

Often people ask about the best way to wash their canvas shoes or how to revive the suede to it's original look and feel, one excellent way to achieve durability is proper shoe care, it is a way to prevent the issue in the first place, avoiding a complete wash for the sake of a small stain.

Crep Protect is essentially an super-hydrophobic spray, this means that it creates an invisible coating that repels liquids and prevents stains and other related issues.

How to clean Supergas? Simplest way is to use and adequate product that makes it as simple as just using a damp cloth! It is way more practical and better than an intense wash that might not always work on all stains. With Crep Protect the question of how to wash Superga shoes becomes a simple task while working to make the shoes resistant to water in the first place.

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