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Superga High Tops Trainers / Superga Mens High Tops Sneakers


Superga® High Tops Collection features timeless classic like the Superga® Cotu 2750, 2341 Cotu Alpina, 2641 Alpina High 2643 Alpina Leather, from high demand Black Canvas High Tops, White Canvas High Tops as well as many other designs and prints that are guaranteed to make your style stand out.


Check out the MensWomens and Kids High Tops trainers collections.


But is it Hi tops or high tops?

We guess that in the end the terms evolved like the shoe, traditionally it is a shoe that extends slightly over the wearer's ankle, this has proven to be of great use in sports like basketball, skateboading etc. because of this it often comes to mind th ever classic canvas high-top shoe, but they steadily evolved as dress and casual wear footwear so the term can apply to a variety of shoes and even some variations like mid-tops have appeared since. To take the matter further there is even such a thing as a low-top and again, a canvas shoe image might come to mind.


Are high-tops better than low tops?

Depends on the ankle support you require, Hi tops are much better supported laterally and the pressure of the shoe laces or in some cases velcro straps and other fastenings work better than low tops. If they are laced right and are the correct size for your feet, they are able to lace up above the ankle bones, therefore more support.

Can you run in high tops?

These are not running shoes, they provide ankle support but have a mostly flat base that offer little to no foot arch support - get some running trainers instead! 

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