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Superga® is constantly evolving to accomodate the latest footwear fashion trends, the challenge of always being up-to-date with the latest trends is supported by timeless iconic footwear styles, this is the case with every brand that stands the test of time, the very best footwear brands in that category always rely on an iconic product design base like our iconic 2750 range amongst many others.

Being in line with the latest fashion trends is to a great sense being able to understand how to make the right decisions in terms of footwear styles to offer, the designs, materials and colours.

Which trainers are trending?

Superga trainers follow the brand's core principles for diverse reasons but always keeping the heritage factor of successful shoe lines that have both legacy high quality manufaturing standards and a lot of what makes Italian designer trainers iconic, resulting in and timeless iconic footwear range. The best trending trainers and footwear in general are in line with the season and latest fashion trends that can be part of a social style tendency or a revival of a past trend. Utility and style in the same shoe never go wrong.

Which brand of trainers is the most popular?

Superga has a heritage of quality and comfort, amongs trainers brands Superga keeps it's autenticity in quality manufacturing practices and progressive design tendencies that always strive to be in line with fashion innovation. The product lines reflect this, with exclusive collections that include collaborations with designers and celebrities to vegan and organic ranges that include organic canvas and vegan leather. One thought that comes to mind when we think of what brand of trainers is the most popular is: What brand of trainers stays consistently popular.

Are white trainers still in fashion?

Superga White trainers seem to come back year after year, by themselves or as part of a specific look embraced by fashion trends, they never go wrong. Our Superga 2750 and Alpina trainers range are a testament to fashion consistency of main colours that both our existing and new customers continue to express a lot of  interest.

 In fact the colour of a pair of trainers is often a decision before the print or design, Superga offers a very wide colour range for all footwear to offer your favourite footwear items in many colour options these cover styles for mens, womens and kids

Beige, Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Multi, Natural, Orange, Pink, Purple, Red, Rose Gold, Silver, Violet, White, Yellow.

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